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Since 2008, Garrity Realty has focused on handling short sales by creating innovative systems, tools, and a unique processing center.

The result? Successful completion of hundreds of short sale transactions.

If you're a homeowner, we can help you and your family find alternatives to foreclosure that minimize stress and help turn your life rightside up again. If you're a potential investor, realtor, or attorney, we can help with finding the right match, negotiating with lenders, and/or processing the short sale or loan modification.

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• Saying "Thanks" isn't close...

Donna C. - Bridgewater MA

    • I got a house I couldn't afford...

Paul F. - Duxbury MA


We're the logical choice for handling your short sale
or loan modification for several reasons...

• This was a very stressful time...

Geraldine B. - Boston MA

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